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karyn1001 She was a very sweet lady! A little late but nothing major..it was all sorted out in the end! Thank you so much for your business! :) Hope you enjoy the skirt!


alexsamantha Don't know if I caught her on an off day but this was a tough transaction in the end. She was only able to meet at one station even though one of my 3 meet up locations was a station away, rescheduled multiple times the day of, then was ultimately unapologetically late and then arrived and stood in one spot and asked me to come find her.

Bad communication with this seller. She notified me 2 hours before she was able to meet. Then was late 10 mins and I was walking to her meeting her within 5 mins of her arrival. I arrived and she told me she was standing next to a man in a line green jacket. As I arrived she said inside in line green jacket, so now I did not know if I was meeting a male or female. Was confused and about to message her when she came out to meet me. Meeting spot was also mutual, not forced to meet me at one place.


shopbysf Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Fast replies