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thedowntowncloset Got mad because I couldn't meet her when she was late 30 minutes so being accommodating I sent someone else to meet her since I had to go somewhere. Also she got mad because I gave her my address which (didn't have any stores around) so this silly girl met up without a jacket (like who does that) it's your job as buyer to inspect the jacket!! If you actually looked at my posts the rip was mentioned but you didn't it's your job to inspect the jacket as the buyer!

Where was the rip mentioned? Cause I’m not a complainer. I complained for a reason so if you are about to sit on this app and say you mentioned a rip and that you melted shit on to repair it you are talking shit and you dead ass shouldn’t be selling shit to anyone. Yes I was buying a jacket so I didn’t have a jacket, that is why I was buying a jacket. Don’t comment on that as if I never told you ahead of time the situation so you can help me accommodate which you did not do that’s the point


preloved_j Big Waste of time, bailed on meetups over 3 times, and still expected a lower price. Not consistent or courteous of other people’s time. DO NOT even bother.

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