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scarlettfinn Would not recommend dealing with this person as she is a waste of time. She ghosted me a lot, had to keep switching times and places to meet because of her. Then when we finally picked a place and time, that I went out of my way to go to, she didn’t even show up. Then when I was trying to get hold of her, she ghosted me once again, even though I could see she was on the app. Also I just read a comments saying she made a fake account just to mess with people! I mean who does that!?


emilyfarr Most inconsiderate person I have dealt with! A waste of my time. Ghost on me multiple times, we decide on a place to meet and then the day of she cancels. I would not recommend wasting your time as a buyer or a selling with this person.


moneymizo No show. Had me trek all that way, waited almost an hour and a half after being told she was on the way and didn't have the decency to tell me she wasn't coming at all. Didn't answer messages or calls that I left behind. A complete waste of time, would not recommend doing business with her.