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boujiebeauty Great buyer. Quick replies and was quick to pick up the item. :)


stylistclosetcleanout Ok so she was a total no show!!!! Wish I had read the reviews before selling to her. Somethings wrong with this girl. She confirmed last night she was going to meet, than half hour before meeting said to send her the address she would pick up. Then said she was 4 minutes away and totally didn’t show up or answer my calls. I canceled a doctors appointment for her. DO NOT SELL TO HER or you’ll get burned like the rest of us. She should be banned from buying on here!!!!

I've been a reliable babysitter for 7 years. CPR trained and police certified You have not used my services so who are you to judge?


eatplaylove_t.o SO RUDE! Left me negative feedback saying I cancelled on her last min but the meet up is tomorrow and I didn't cancel?? I gave her my contact so that she can meet on Sunday with ease but instead she took it as if im cancelling? Improper communication from this buyer she still thinks I cancelled on her when the meet up didn't happen yet AND the conversation is within her reach not a single word of "something came up" or that sort was there... making up false accusations ... no good and not nice.

U said u couldn't make it as something came up