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jacky0122 I accepted her offer and we agreed to meet. Messaged her the day before to confirm about the meet up officially and she didn’t reply. So I messaged her once again to ask if she can meet another day since she didn’t respond to the original date we were suppose to meet up. Flopped last minute and said she’s cancelling the offer. When I asked her why, she didn’t reply after that. Super unprofessional.


swaneet Buyer didn't show up or message me at all once everything was decided. She changed the pick up day once but then never messaged. I waited for 4 days to receive a communication from her but nothing, so here I am writing this review. Even if there's one negative message, it's because the buyer didn't care enough. Not a good sign.


zaskiahc Stopped replying. Waste of time. I went to the meet up spot and she never showed up, still has not messaged me. I wouldve been completely fine if she had messaged me before the meet up and tell me that shes no longer interested. Not trustworthy.

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