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jjssee_ Buyer had slow replies to begin with which already made me suspicious but regardless I gave her the benefit of the doubt. We set up a date to meet up and everything seemed smooth sailing until she stood me up. She’s still very unresponsive even though the app shows that she was online not too long ago. I’d advise future buyers and sellers not to waste their time with this girl, super inconsistent and inconsiderate. Waste of time.


bestiescloset Great buyer to deal with! Great communication. Reliable :)


kaysprelovedcloset Made an offer on accepted track pants and I accepted agreed on a place and said she stated “free anytime before Friday” messaged her TWICE to confirm a date and she completely disregarded me my last msg was to confirm If she wanted these again was ignored with messages obviously read with the two blue check marks. Don’t offer and half way make a deal and then when I clarify in a nice way if you want it still completely ignore! Absolutely rude.