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attiremnl How could I reply if I'm on a plane? As soon as I received your message here, I replied. You could've just waited for like 30mins, since you said you could stay there until 7pm. I texted 6:17pm. Have gone crazy after the feedback? Oh dear, you really thought that way? What on this earth, feedback on an app would make me go crazy? Wasnt laughing it was just i would like to do the impossible (posting of proof) I didnt do anything wrong, twas just I cant do anything without signal for like 8hrs.

A good buyer should informed the seller whether she will be late or not. I message u an hour before the said meet up to confirm but i did not received any reply from u. I message u both on ur cp# and on here but u never reply. After i made feedback thats the time that uve gone crazy calling and texting me. Ur lost not mine!! On ur next deal make sure to do the right thing, and that is to let the person know whether ur coming or not!!! Ur laughing but i dont see anything funny at all!!


hushta11 Prompt delivery! Thank you!


linalyf A very friendly and pleasant seller.Highly recommend. Thanks you..

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