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aesthetica Great seller. Was very accommodating with date and location.


hayleyhru Made an offer for exactly what I was asking which I accepted. Confirmed a meet up location and time the next day. Right after proceeded to ask what was the lowest I would take for the item and attempted to lowball and get a better price. Then the night before after we had confirmed everything, she decided she changed her mind and wasn’t going to take the item. Not a good buyer, wouldn’t want to deal with again.

Hey Hayley! Sorry that you were disappointed with our interaction. To be honest it was my first time trying to buy something. I wanted to purchase the item but I realized I needed to budget as I am not the best position financially right now. You were really nice as a seller, I would still be willing to purchase maybe later on! I wanted to make sure I had enough funds before purchasing so I wouldn’t end up broke 😂 Sorry about that again. Have a good day.


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📍Meet-ups available Mississauga, Oakville, YorkU, Kipling/Islington station 📩 Delivery available, shipping charges may apply ✔️Prices are negotiable 🚫No refunds/exchanges