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Your Pocket Pumpkin Patch, emotional support BFF - FIDGET TOY w/ 2 characters



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Newton, Surrey



1 month ago

Your Pocket Pumpkin Patch A pocket size playroom for you new best friend pumpkin and a worm A pocket size playroom for your new best friend pumpkin and a worm! Your Pocket Pumpkin Patch can fit in your pocket, just as the name suggests! Inside you will find a uniquely sculpted pumpkin & worm. Each pumpkin is uniquely sculpted. (I am not using molds) each with a unique design from its green topper to it's cute little bum! Yes, your custom pumpkin will have the cutest little bum just like the pumpkin pictured! Both the pumpkin and worm are painted by hand with a solid glossy glaze. You will also find a scroll of INFORMATION & a jar of FOOD to nourish your pals. You will also receive some exclusive stickers in your pocket pumpkin patch. You will discover 2 play areas inside the container, perfect for exciting adventures. This can be taken anywhere with you as it can conveniently fits in a pocket! This Pocket Pumpkin Patch marks the beginning of a lifelong adventure with your newfound friend! • Total size: 4.5" W X 3" L X 1.5 H • FREE SHIPPING!

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