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X580 R1234yf Fully-automatic AC machine with database and printer




North York



1 month ago

Specifications: Model :X548 Refrigerant: R134a/R1234yf Power Supply: 220V AC,50HZ Power Consumption: 1200W Operating Temperature RangE: -20℃~+60℃ Display: 7 inch touch screen Oil Bottles: 3*350ML,(Hermetically sealed,PAG/POE/UV/Drain oil) Electronic Scale: 5 (134a Refrigerant Tank1234yf Refrigerant Tank、PAG/POE/Used oil) Scale accuracy: 10g Recovery efficiency: 95% above Recovery capacity: 3/8HP Vacuum capacity: 180L/min Tank capacity: 18kg(2个) Filter Capacity: 100kg Dimension: 1360MM (H) *600MM (D) *810MM (W) Net Weight: 130kg X580Automatic A/C service station for R1234yf Premium equipment for A/C service The fully-automatic R1234yf service unit meet the highest requirements for A/C systems. Equipped with a 10 inches touch-pad screen, 5 digital scales, 4 hermetically sealed oil bottles, 4 pressure transducers, X580 combine all maintenance functions in a single device. R1234yf refrigerant has been classified as being “highly flammable” and this must be acknowledged by the operator. Thanks for the leak test function, dual ventilation system and over 95% recovery efficiency, X580 eliminates any possible refrigerant build up in the unit or refrigerant leakage without warning. Features: ● Fully automatic. It can do recovery, vacuum, charge, recycling. ● 5 digital scales, respectively for PAG oil, POE oil, UV dye, drained oil and cylinder gas. ● 4 completely sealed oil bottles (1pc PAG, 1pc POE, 1pc UV dye, 1pc oil drain), no worry about contamination. ● Database and printer. Database can be updated by a SD card. Printer can print out report with car plate and workshop’s name, and address. ● 10 inches touch screen, clear and users friendly; ● 3 indicated lamps on top to indicate the status (working, waiting, error) ● Self-protection system. When the fan stops, machine stops ● Leaking Hunting Function ● Strong operation menu Warranty one year, factory direct shipping, dock to dock, manufacturer engineer guidance at any time. Lifetime parts available. Please contact us if you are interested. We have Taobao and Amazon to help you with your order. Whatsapp: 1 (437) 553-8502 WeChat: 18917653440 Website: Email:


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