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[WTS] Kpop Selling IZ*ONE IZONE albums! Oneiric Diary / One-reeler Act IV



Mailing · Meetup

City of Toronto



4 weeks ago

Hello! I want to sell some of my IZ*ONE albums to make some money and buy new albums. I want to sell Oneiric Diary and One-reeler Act IV. I’ll be selling them in sets only (not separately). 📍I’ll accept payment through Paypal only (or cash if meetups). If you live outside of Canada I’ll only accept CAD. 📍I can mail the albums but buyer will pay for all shipping fees, meetups are available if you live near me(but I might not be available). 📍All of the albums comes with full inclusions except for One-reeler scene #2. 📍Most of the albums have defects, but it was already like that when I received them :( but the inclusions are in good condition👍 (One-reeler scene #1 has a lot of damages so it’ll be a bit cheaper) Check for defects and damages on last photo. 📍NO refunds or returns. Albums: •Oneiric Diary (Diary Version) - 45$ •Oneiric Diary (Oneiric Version) - 45$ •Oneiric Diary (3D Version) - 40$ (Hitomi’s scratch card is already scratched) (Add 5$ to buy the poster) Or buy as a set for 125$(saves you 10$) •(SOLD) One-reeler (Scene #1) - 30$ •(SOLD) One-reeler (Scene #2) - 40$ (One photocard is missing) •(SOLD) One-reeler (Scene #3) - 45$ (Add 5$ to buy the poster) Or buy as a set for 110$(saves you 10$)(SOLD) Please message me if you are interested or want more photos! Thank you!


Mailing & Delivery

Buyer would have to pay for mailing fees because they are quite heavy! Please message me for more information! (Will be using Canada Post🇨🇦)

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@dxhmx2 months ago

Nice buyer fuss free deal thankss

@yamyutou2 months ago

Fuss free deal. Very prompt w response. Thank u!

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