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working Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter - 1949 - With new INKRIBBON







1 month ago

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE +FREE extra ink ribbon The Olivetti Lettera 22 is a portable mechanical typewriter designed by Marcello Nizzoli for Olivetti in 1949 as the precursor of the popular Olivetti Lettera 32. It is well-known for its smoothly working capability. This Olivetti Lettera 22 is preserved in excellent condition. All keys strike correctly in upper and lower case. There will be a ribbon in the typewriter, and an extra (new) one included in the case. This typewriter comes with its original case in good working condition. See pictures for details. The pictures are an integral part of the item’s description. The typewriter weight 3,7 kg and the size is about 32 x 30 x 8 cm (with the carriage return lever adding about 1–2 cm. in height), making it portable at least for the time's standards. it reaches 5.2 kg with its case. For more technical details:

The lot will be carefully packed and shipped with tracking info. The Lettera 32 is a beautiful vintage typewriter! As always with Olivetti, a lot of thought has gone into the design of the typewriter. Beautiful lines and then that color… a chassis of cast metal with ripple finished sea green coloured enamel paint really a first-class looker. At the front is a qwerty keyboard typewriter with black coloured type keys The machine has a funny little tight space bar. The typewriter also types very fine, in black and red and has a nice carrying case. The machine has a nice small font: 10 instead of the more common 12 pitch. Furthermore, the typewriter is complete with working bell, margin settings and line spacing and paper standard. This specific typewriter was made in Italy, which can be found on the back of the machine. The Lettera 22 was very popular amongst writers, journalists and students. For example: Will Self, Leonard Cohen and Tom Hanks have owned and used the Lettera 22 for their novels, songs and manuscripts. The Lettera 22 is a downstrike typebars typewriter. The typebars strike a red/black inked ribbon, which is positioned between the typebar and the paper by a lever whenever a key is pressed; a small switch located near the upper right side of the keyboard can be used to control the strike position of the ribbon, in order to print with black, red, or no ink (for mimeograph stencils). Ribbon movement, which also occurs at every keypress, automatically reverses direction when there is no ribbon left on the feed reel; two mechanical sensors, situated next to each wheel, move when the ribbon is put under tension (indicating ribbon end), attaching the appropriate wheel to the ribbon transport mechanism and detaching the other.


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