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We guide and advise clients on valuation methodologies and provide valuation advisory services relating to business interests. These include intellectual property, intangible assets, common and preferred stock and other securities, partnership interests, employee stock option plans (ESOPs), private debt instruments, options, warrants, and other derivative products relevant to our clients. Business Valuation We provide either valuation opinion or valuation consulting services on the target's aggregate business interests or business enterprises for the purpose of price negotiation. Intangible Asset Valuation We provide either valuation opinion or valuation consulting services for individual or multiple intangible assets or liabilities and intellectual property where the results are used for financial statement or tax reporting purposes, general business purposes, transaction planning, purchase or sale of assets, licensing or relicensing, collateral or secured financings or refinancing, litigation or dispute resolution purposes. Fairness Opinions We conduct fair value studies to provide a "Fair, adequate consideration or reasonable value type report, generally to a Board of Directors or other thrid parties, deliberating the purchase or sale of assets or business interests. We analyse assets and liabilities from a fair value perspective, services include: Valuation analyses or estimates of value required in connection with articles of association, by-laws, or other forms of shareholders' agreements Estimates of value required under contracts between parties or resulting from disputes between parties Valuation analyses related to tax mitigation and/or planning Preparation of estimates, analyses, and reports concerning matter of tax, financial,or accounting solvency Adequacy of consideration. (Valuation services provided in connection with fair value studies and fairness opinions generally are based on legal or statutory requirements and may involve unique or nonstandard valuation procedures and/or definitions of the standard of value measurements.) Fair Value Measurements in Financial Reporting We provide support to audit engagement teams in connection with procedures related to testing fair value measurements that may include business interests, intangible assets, share options, business combinations and financial instruments. Provide independent valuation of portfolio investments for financial reporting purposes in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP or other national accounting requirements and industry guidelines, or analyse and report on the reasonableness of management's internal fair value estimates. Transaction Advisory We provide in-depth advice to clients in their decision making from the perspectives on value as well as assistance in interpreting the impact on transaction structuring, deal making and risk management strategies; Provide valuation services involving bankruptcy, financial restructurings, or financially distressed entities. We provide valuation services to entities for purposes related to dispute resolution and litigation, whether the situation giving rise to the controversy or the sources of the conflict or dispute are reasonably likely, pending, or active matters. Strategic Planning and Compliance We conduct model design and independent risk assessment for financial instruments against the latest industry benchmarks and regulations. We assist client in developing investment policies and implementing efficient capital allocation process by various analytical options, from discounted cash flow to probabilistic modelling and real options valuation and also provide clients with independent valuations that support tax service offerings for planning and compliance.

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