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Universal Refrigeration + Water-cooled Semiconductor Mobile Phone Radiator Gaming Phone Cooler Phone Holder Heat Sink




Fort Frances



3 months ago

Feature: 1. Cool down the phone by means of refrigeration and water circulation 2. The operation is simple, everyone can do it. 3. Let you play games better and use more smoothly. 4. Reusable, energy saving and environmental protection. Steps For Usage First step: a. Tighten the two copper nuts on the phone case. b. Insert two water pipes (regardless of left and right) directly into the copper nut (as shown in Step 1). Second step: Pour cold water or water-cooled liquid directly into the bucket, adding about two-thirds. (It is recommended to add ice cubes/ice water for better cooling effect) After adding water, tighten the lid of the bucket. Third step: The semiconductor mobile phone cooling shell is stuck on the back of the mobile phone, close to the metal cooling plate. It is recommended that you take off your phone case before doing so, the cooling effect will be better. Fourth step: Insert the MicUSB charging cable into the bucket port first, and plug the other end into the charging head or power bank first. Press the switch, the light is on and the water pump is working normally. At this time, you will see water circulating before connecting the Type-C charging cable to the phone. Shell (please note this). Special attention: Be sure to turn on the bucket switch and ensure that the water circulation is normal before inserting the Type- C charging cable into the phone case. This operation process is very important.


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