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[une nana cool] BRAGENIC Future flower Non-wire bra GY







3 months ago

Beautiful wireless bra, bragenic BRAGENIC is a simple design that is recommended for daily use with a flower appliqué that connects from the strap and is designed with the image of a single flower that decorates the chest. The point is the coloring of flowers and straps! BRAGENIC is a non-wire type bra jointly developed by Wacoal Institute for Human Sciences and Unnana Cool that realizes a soft volume on the upper chest and a comfortable and light feel at the same time. "GENIC" in "BRAGENIC" is a gene. The name is based on the idea that Wacoal's manufacturing genes will continue to evolve. We have developed a next-generation bra that realizes a bust silhouette like a wire bra even though it does not contain wires. The "double-up structure" * 1 with thicker lower and upper cups makes the upper chest soft and voluminous. The "wide seat structure" * 2 that fits gently supports a wide range of aspects and suppresses the side flow of the bust, making a beautiful valley even without wires, and giving a plump round chest. Uses a material that stretches well and has a smooth texture. [Size] S1-A65, A70, B65 compatible S2-A75, B70, C65 compatible M1-B75, C70, D65 compatible Compatible with M2-C75, D70, E65 Compatible with L1-D75, E70, F65 Compatible with L2-E75, F70, F75 Washing: Hand wash * Please be sure to follow the "Handling Label" when washing. Details: Rear hook / hook 2 steps 4; No adjustment pad holder Material: Nylon, polyurethane, polyester Country of origin: Made in China, Vietnam

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