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Trading Tickers 2 by Tim Grittany







3 weeks ago

Trading Tickers 2, Tim Grittany DVDs Chapter 1: I’ll reveal my full trading performance from start to finish, and demonstrate my “Golden Rule” for cutting losses Chapter 2: All my preferred brokers, software and app tools, and how I use fundamentals on a daily basis to make reasonable trades Chapter 3: An in depth guide to how I use spreadsheets, and how this data allows me to optimize my trading strategies as I go Chapter 4: An update on every single strategy I unveiled in Trading Tickers, and 7 live demonstrations of how I’ve improved these processes Chapter 5: How I fixed a failing strategy by adjusting my risk management, along with 7 live trades following these new rules Chapter 6: A brand new technical strategy for overnight trading, with an in depth look at the setup criteria Chapter 7: My favorite new “blueprint” for getting into stocks at the right time after they’ve gone down, with all the pattern setups broken down in great detail Chapter 8: A new twist on an old favorite, and how my data repository has improved my trading on this this widely known trading setup

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