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Trade/sell steam keys from Fanatical and Humble Bundle


Got some unused steam keys from Fanatical and Humble Bundle. Never been redeemed nor used, hence each key displaying "REDEEM KEY". If for some reason the images are unclear to display on your side (Carousell doesn't seem to display the images at proper resolution for some reason...) then I'll send over the images of the unredeemed steam keys that I have. Not really sure how to go about doing this, but if you're confident enough to go about meeting up amidst covid, then... 1. You email me regarding the steam keys and which ones you want, and whether if you want to buy or trade with me. Once the details are confirmed and you're actually serious with proceeding with the transaction, then we'll setup a time and place to meet up. 2. We'll meet at a public area with wifi, so either a fast food restaurant, eg McDonalds, A&W, Wendy's etc, or at a coffeeshop, eg. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Waves Coffee, etc. (while also practicing safe social distancing of course...) 3. I log in to my Fanatical and/or Humble Bundle account to show and verify that the keys are not redeemed, which will be the same as in the pictures. 4. I give you the key(s) to redeem on your steam account, you login to your steam account to redeem the key(s) and then you also show me that the key(s) are indeed redeemed on steam. Afterwards, you either trade me your unused steam key or you give me the cash. Pricing (tentative) If buying, $5 per steam key on certain titles, but for majority of these keys I'd much rather want to trade for a different key. Or if you want to purchase as a bundle, then $75 for all 38 steam keys. If trading, then it will be a 1:1 trade depending on title or something like that. Send me a link of your Steam wishlist, or a typed up list of which game whose steam keys are unredeemed on steam. All steam keys' activation regions are 98% region free (other 2% are very extraneous cases, so don't worry about that, unless your steam account's region is actually in one of those countries), so places like Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, any major country/city etc are eligible for activation.

2 weeks ago In Video Games
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.


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