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Stock Rheem Water Heater Parts for Sale



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Kitchener, Ontario



4 weeks ago

Stock Rheem Water Heater Parts for Sale 02-382 DRAIN VALVE SMALL SCREW TYPE 02-482 DIP TUBE (SHORT BLUE) 07-063 GAS VALVE 07-274 PILOT 07-391 TEMP PROBE 07-392 TEMP PROBE AP10552JH ELEMENT 240/3000 #85 AP10552ML-3 ELEMENT AP10869ML-5 ELEMENT AP10869RL-5 ELEMENT AP11114D UNITROL AP11114K UNITROL AP11625E DIP TUBE SELF CLEANING AP11695-2 THERMOSTAT LOWER 150蚌 AP11698-2 UPPER THERMOSTAT AP11805 AP11805 Commercial Electric High Limit AP11808 TEMP SENSOR COMPRESSION FITTING AP11941 PILOT ASSY AP12112G BRASS DRAIN VALVE AP12112S RHEEM BRASS DRAIN VALVE AP12159E-2 DRAIN VALVE PLASTIC AP12560B PILOT ASSY AP12560C PILOT ASSY AP12574E-1 RELIEF VALVE AP12574E-2 RELIEF VALVE LONG AP12813 PILOT ASSY AP12814-1 PILOT ASSY SPARK IGN STANDARD AP12992 DIP TUBE OUTLET (NO TUBE) AP12992B DIP TUBE INLET (NO TUBE) AP13160E-1 UNITROL AP13244 PILOT ASSY AP13447-3 FVR SENSOR AP13685 LOWER THS (0809) AP13686 UPPER THST /HI LIMIT (4100 59T} AP13846B INTELLI-VENT AP14218A HSI F/FVIR AP14270G UNITROL AP14671 INTERMITTENT SPARK PILOT IGN W/TOOL AP14671-2 INTERMITTENT SPARK PILOT IGN W/TOOL AP15534-1 BLOWER ASSY PVS40/50 ESII- .45 AP6948 ORING GASKIT AP8555R-1 UNITORL AP8555S-1 UNITROL AP8555W-2 UNITROL AS39271 HOT SURFACE IGNITOR 1099 RHE07068 PILOT RTG20006AD ELECTRODE (TANKLESS) RTG20006DW RHEEM MAIN CONTROL (USED) RTG20006JC BURNER CONTROL ASSY TNKLS BOARD & CHIP RTG20006PG BURNER CONTROL ASSY TNKLS BOARD & CHIP RTG20074DU BURNER CONTROL ASSY TNKLS BOARD & CHIP SP10763C IGNITION CONTROL W/CABLE SP10963B GAS VALVE SP10963D GAS VALVE (NG) 3/4 X 3/4 SP11698 THERMOSTAT SP12112G DRAIN VALVE BRASS SP13447B FV SENSOR/ FV WIPER KIT REP KIT SP13447C FV SENSOR/FV WIPER REPL KIT SP13458B GAS VALVE NAT FV WIPER 160 F SP13845A GAS THERMOSTAT (NG) GAS VALVE SP13846B GAS THERMOSTAT (LP) GAS VALVE SP14218A HOT SURFACE IGNITOR 16 SP14218B HOT SURFACE IGNITOR SP14269A COMB CONTROL LP SP14270M COMB CONTROL (NG) SINGLE SP20116B VACUUM SWITCH SP20161 2000 N NAT GAS VALVE KIT SHORT SP20161A COMBINATION CONTROL REPL KIT SP20162 GAS VALVE KIT LP 2000 N SP20170D COMBINATION GAS CONTROL SP20231 GAS CONTROL AP14671-2 / AP14671 SP20296 GAS CONTROL SP8555Z THERMOSTAS (NG) 1.25 GAS VALVE SP8828D IGNITION CABLE 25 RXGY-G01C VENT TERMINATION KIT 02-480 DIP TUBE (SHORT BLUE) 02-63066 UNITROL 07-037 CONTACTOR 07-064 AUTOMATIC PILOT / IGNITER (New # F1459126 ) 07-343 GAS VALVE 07-373 PRIMARY FUSE KIT 48M4976 PFK1 23-305 ELEMENT 208V6. 0KW80D/1 23-313 ELEMENT same SGW-2407 23-402 ELEMENT 240/208 3000/2255W 23-403 ELEMENT 240/3800 # 81 same AP10869RL-6 25M01A-701 Gas Control Valve 3050-1 MERCURY SWITCH 347V6 EL 347V6.0KW80D/1 42-102070-05 PRESSURE SWITCH ASSEMBLY 42-102070-14 PRESSURE SWITCH 79-10521201 RHEEM HOSE 79-21491-83 SILICONE TUBING A14378-2 VENTOR MOTOR AM46759 BURNER ASSEMBLY AP10552JH-3 ELEMENT 240/3000 AP10552JL-3 ELEMENT 240/3000 RESISTOR AP10552JL-4 ELEMENT AP10552ML-4 ELEMENT AP10868LH-5 ELEMENT 120/1440 AP10869RL-6 ELEMENT AP11114B UNITROL 66-138-202 R110RTSP AP11114N UNITROL 64-741-366 R110RLPTSP AP11625G DIP TUBE SELF CLEANING CLEAR AP12159E-1 DRAIN VALVE - MELET AP12553 RHEEM IGNITOR FOR MERCURY SWITCH AP12992D Nipple - Heat Trap (3/4 in. NPT x 4 in. long) AP13424-2 PILOT ASSY REPLACEMENT AP13605-4 BLOWER MOTOR AP13845B INTELLI VENT CONTROL AP13846A-1 37E74A316 GAS CONTROL AP14270F UNITROL AP14378-1 STANDARD VENT ASSY AP14698C-1 PILOT ASSY HONEYWELL AP14698D PILOT ASSY FOR 24V HONEYWELL VALVE AP14835G RELIEF VALVE LL100XL AP15534-3 BLOWER MOTOR AP15534-4 INDUCER MOTOR ASSEMBLY AP6948 Dip Tube/Internal Heat Trap Gasket AP8555Z UNITROL AS40331-1 Burner Door Assembly AS42413-2 Burner Door Assembly F145-9126 FLAME SWITCH & BOOSTER RHEEM 07-100 F91-3889 SECONDARY COIL JA1M161NS Rheem Rudd Draft Inducer PD425144 PRESSURE SWITCH replaced 42-102069-06 PH50AJ HPS IMPERATOR MACHINE TOOL CONTROL TRANSFORMER RETST601SYS EcoNet Control Center 2.0 RTG20164AK 31-92638-00 Inlet Water Filter RTG20164L WATER CONTROL VALVE RTG20211C Vertical Vent Termination Kit RTG20235C 31-92421-0S IGNITER ASSEMBLY SGW-2407 Screw-In Element Long same 23-313 SP10552JH ELEMENT SP10868LH ELEMENT 120V/1440W SP10874FH ELEMENT 120/1500 SP11699 THERMOSTAT SP11875 Rheem SP11875 Vacuum Switch For Power Vented Spark Ignition SP13605 BLOWER/MOTOR ASSY-PVS40 / 50FV SP13845B RHEEM GAS VALVE CONTROL SP13845D INTELLI VENT CONTROL New # SP13845D # SP13845B SP20111 Rheem Pressure Switch Kit SP20166E GAS CONTROL KIT SP20172 FV Sensor Kit SP20246A TRD Kit Replacement Combustion Shut Off Device SP20246B TRD Kit Replacement Combustion Shut Off Device SP20246D TRD KIT Replacement Combustion Shut Off Device SP20286 3 Vent Termination Kit SP20739 Pilot Assembly Replacement Kit UMC-117 RHEEM BATH CONTROL DS014 Hot Surface Igniter Kit Stock Rheem Water Heater Parts for Sale For more water heater parts visit our website Call or text +1 647 558 4079 Or email

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