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Included(but can part out as well): -AMD FX 4300, 4 core; 3.8ghz, 8mb cache. Never over clocked -GIgabyte 970A-D3 motherboard -EVGA NVIDIA GTX 650ti boost, 1GB VRAM version, never over locked -16gb x 4 sticks Kingston hyper X DDR3 1600 Ram This was most of my entry level computer parts. Still are in use as I'm waiting for new parts to come in the mail. Included is almost everything you need to build a computer that can run most mid level games. Just need a power suppply, hardrives, and case to put it all in. This can run most games at mid level graphics (overwatch, counter strike, LOL) but was limited in the newer more demanding games. So I'm upgrading. Most parts are 4 years old, and well used

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