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Solid Nesting Table Set of 3







1 month ago

Handmade Materials Walnut, Oak, Chestnut, Oil, Voc Free Description Walnut & Oak or Chestnut Side Table (Price for all 3) This triple nesting table is produced from European walnut, chestnut or oak wood according to your style. Solid wood nesting table is the best choice regarding usability, sustainability and resilience. You might have seen walnut or other type wooden furniture that last for centuries. You can use this design nesting tables to integrate multiple decor themes easily. Mid century modern, Scandinavian or modern farmhouse is all possible with this nesting tables. Mid-century modern especially characterized by; clean, simple lines and honest use of materials. We try to reflect this movement in our handmade designs by using 100 % European Walnut, Oak or Chestnut with a low VOC (non-toxic) finish. Measure: Width / Height / Depth (Set of 3) ------------ Walnut- Chestnut; Large: 25.5”-18”-19 || W: 65 D: 45 H: 47.5 cm Medium: 22”-15”-17” || W: 55 D:38 H: 42.5 cm Small: 18”-12”-15” || W:45 D:31 H: 37.5 cm Oak; Large: 24”- 16.5”-19” || W: 61 D: 42 H: 47.5 cm Medıum: 20”-14”-17” W:52 D:36 H: 42.5 cm Small: 17”-11”-15” || W: 43 D: 29 H: 37.5 cm


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