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Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Game Console GPi Case Safe Shutdown 128GB 14000+ Games Customized ES Retropie Emulation Game Station




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1 month ago

Safe Shutdown We have already preloaded the Safe Shutdown function, you can just turn off the power switch to turn it off, no need to use system shutdown function, data will be saved automatically. And if you happened to shutdown via system shutdown function, direction cross would be unavailable when you turn on the console next time. When this happens, you can just press select+left button, and the led light blinks, then everthing would be ok. Safe shutdown switch is in the battery slot. What you get: (All is installed as one, turn on and play) 1 * GPi Case 1 * Raspberry Pi Zero Board 1 * Copper Heatsink 1 * 128GB SD Card, (pre-loaded with retropie and 14000+ Games) 1 * SD Card Reader 1 * DC Power Cable 1 * GPi Case Manual Games included: (For reference only, maybe slightly adjusted, you can add or delete games by yourself, this is highly diyable) Atari 2600: 702 Games Atari 7800: 116 Games LYNX: 85 Games Famlily Computer Disk System: 294 Games Game&Watch Collection: 55 Games Game Boy: 1451 Games Game Boy Advance: 2206 Games Game Boy Color: 1177 Games Sega Genesis: 191 Games Sega Master System: 344 Games Mega Drive: 1438 Games MSX: 735 Games NEOGEO: 141 Games Nintendo Entertainment System: 2244 Games NEOGEO Pocket: 9 NEOGEO Pocket Color: 90 Games PC Engine: 390 Games Ports: 12 Games Play Station: 130 Games Super Nintendo: 2445 Games Virtual Boy: 24 Games Wonder Swan: 116 Games Wonder Swan Color: 95 Games Total: 14529 Games     


CONTACT ME @2363342577 TEXT PREFFERED to arrange a time and place for pick up.

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