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Programming/Java/C#/... Tutoring / Assignment Help





WHAT I CAN DO: can help teach you programming languages from scratch! Java/html/c#/c/java script/bash/OPP can also help you program assignments/projects/applications can also help you with programming/hw/understanding concepts/exam/test preparation and more Especially great for IB students of beginners or those confused about programming. I will teach you it in a way that best works with your learning styles -------------------- PRICING: Pricing is just same as the French Tutoring I offer $30 for 1 hour or $50 for 2 hours OR $20/hour special deal if you want to take 10 or more online lessons -------------------- EXPERIENCE: I started programming since I was 12 years old and also learned in highschool and in University I have created many programs and apps and websites using the languages mentioned above I have also worked at and developed programs/apps for/at SAP and BAASS E.g. Sur5ive App available on the app store

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Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.

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