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Original WWII U.S. Navy 10 Mark 5 Signal Flare Pistol 1944

Phil White Arena
SOLD AS IS! With a few shells Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent example of a 22mm parachute flare signal pistol Sedgley Signal Pistol, Mark 5. As part of consolidated wartime efforts, lifeboats for all sea going Merchant Marine vessels were to have a standard compliment of emergency provisions overseen by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). They in turn had direct coordination with the US Navy. Sedgley made two signals pistols for the US Navy, for the Bureau of Ships they supplied the 10-gauge Mark 5 with a 22mm bore, and for the Merchant Marine, the Mark-IV as approved by the USCG. Each service had a differing standard flare, the BuShips was 10-gauge and for Merchant Marine the 37mm parachute type. On the top strap of the barrel it reads: SIGNAL PISTOL MARK 5 R.F. SEDGLEY, INC. 1944 The grips are marked USN on both sides, which is uncommon, as often the marking was removed when being sold out of Navy storage. The barrel, frame, and grip are all marked with serial number 242692, each with a different number suffix.
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