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Olive Wood Stackable Dishes (Set of 3)







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Olive Wood Stackable Dishes (Set of 3) Olive wood has long been a top-quality choice for wood bowls, boards and utensils. Olive wood is extremely hard, dense making it more stain and odor resistant. Our olive wood is Eco friendly and all natural. Our products made from degenerated and fruitless olive trees. Each piece is hand made and unique. No two pieces are the same. your olive wood will last a life time Do not put your olive wood utensils into the dishwasher or leave them soaking in water as this can lead to splitting and cracking. For a simple cleaning, quick wash in hand-hot water with a gentle detergent, followed by a rinse in warm, clean water. Give your wood a deep clean with a scrub of lemon juice and salt If you choose to leave them to dry you will need to oil them more often than if you dry them straight away with a cloth. Dry with a lint free cloth or microfiber. Perfectly fine to let air dry. With normal use your olive wood utensils will need oiling at least once a month. You can apply mineral oil, especially during the first weeks as this will ensure a well moisturized and protected bowl, board or utensil. You can also use Olive oil as it is one of the best and easiest things to oil your items with. Using either a lint-free cloth or soft kitchen towel, gently rub olive oil over the whole surface of your utensil. Use circular movements and make sure you cover the whole of the item from top to bottom. We guarantee you will not find the quality of our Products anywhere. As you see, our prices are the lowest in the market! not due to low quality products but because we just profit less to sell more! Satisfaction 100% guaranteed!


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