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If you need to use your mouse and computer frequently and suffer from severe fatigue. Then this great, innovative mouse wrist rest is helpful for you. Lekvey Wrist Rest for Mouse supports your wrist into a comfortable straight line, providing you with a soft and relaxing experience at home and in the office! Tips: Open the mouse wrist rest box and air it out for a few days for a better experience. Washing tips: This mouse wrist rest is anti-dirty and very easy to clean. Just wipe the wrist rest with wipes, brush or wash. mouse wrist rest Unmissable Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Mouse - Less Soreness, More Pleasure Mouse Pad Wrist Support - Less Hurt, More Joy Lightweight & Portable Wrist Pad for Mouse Mouse Wrist Rest: 5.19*2.67*0.74inch Weight: 2.33 ounces Material: Lycra + Memory foam + PU Package: Wrist Rest for Mouse*1 Widely Compatible Mouse Wrist Rest: The ergonomic wrist rest for mouse works perfectly with regular mice, ergonomic mouse, vertical mouse, gaming mice All Day Comfort Mouse Wrist Rest ! What Can You Ger from This Mouse Wrist Pad? More comfortable and smooth mouse use than before Effectively relax your wrist and enjoy the relaxation Greatly improves efficiency and accuracy of work and paly Prevents wrist pressure and protects health For Whom to Use This Mouse Wrist Rest? Office Workers, Players, Editors, Writers, Teachers, Programmers, Engineers, Students Individuals have or prevent wrist issues Carpal tunnel syndrome Individuals who want to promotes good ergonomic posture High-quality Durable Mouse Wrist Pad is Perfect for Health Care and Gift Giving mouse wrist rest Premium Breathable & Sweat-proof Material With ultra-fine Lycra fabric surface, this ergonomic mouse wrist rest is comfortable and skin-friendly for various users. You’ll enjoy the soft, dry, smooth touch from the mouse wrist cushion anytime. Don’t worry about scratching your skin wrist rest Ergonomic Design with Massage Holes This ergonomically designed mouse wrist rest has multiple massage holes for a dual soothing and relaxing effect. Just place your hand on the wrist rest for mouse, and the fatigue will fade away! mouse wrist rest Top-Graded Non-Slip PU Base This wrist rest for mouse will stand firmly on your desktop without sliding sideways, ensuring you are 100% focused on your work. The superior non-slip base is widely compatible with desktops of various materials, such as glass, plastic, wood, and metal mouse wrist rest Soft & Slow Bouncing Thick Memory Foam No need to worry about our wrist rest for mouse is filled with excellent slow-rebound foam overall, which can easily adapt to the shape of your wrist and support it without deformation over long periods of time mouse wrist rest Durable Reinforced Anti-Cracking Edge This mouse wrist rest pad features a Double Sticking Press handling flat and solid edge, which greatly enhances the durability of the wrist pad. This is a prominent advantage of our widely chosen wrist rest for mouse wrist rest mouse Powerful Wrist Support & Widely Compatible The perfect 20mm high makes this mouse wrist rest fits all kinds of regular computer mouse, gaming mice, vertical ergonomic mouse, etc. You can always get strong wrist support and relaxation from this wrist rest Effectively Relieves Your Wrist Fatigue and Improves Efficiency and Productivity mouse wrist rest All Day Comfy and Supportive Mouse Wrist Pad for Computer Mouse Users mouse wrist rest Features & details ✔【Premium Thick Memory Foam & Top-Graded Silky Lycra Fabric】Made of high-density memory foam and ultra-fine breathable cloth, this ergonomic mouse wrist rest is comfortable and soft for wrist hand skin. Benefiting from the slow rebound memory foam, this wrist rest for mouse provides you with a supportive, dry, smooth touch and naturally supports your wrist during extended computer mouse use. Move on to a better quality of life and reduce wrist pain with this mouse wrist pad! ✔【Ergonomic Design with Massage Holes for Better Pain Relief】This mouse wrist rest features a professional ergonomic wrist shape and massage groove hole design. The wrist support for mouse is about 20 mm high, which can naturally raise your wrist to promote proper wrist and mouse alignment while using a mouse, perfectly fitting with your wrist for massage to reduces strain on the wrist and hand. With this mouse wrist rest pad, now you can fully enjoy your games and work. ✔【Stable Non-Slip PU Bottom & Reinforced Anti-Cracking Edge】Rest assured that our high-quality mouse wrist rest is stable and durable in use. The smooth PU pad firmly grips the desktop, keeping the computer wrist rest in place and preventing it from sliding to improve your efficiency. Widely compatible with various metal, wood, glass, or plastic desktops. Advanced Press handling for Edges technology and supportive foam ensures your mouse wrist support won’t roll up or lose its shape over time. ✔【Perfect Size Wrist Support & Fits Various People】Mouse Wrist Rest: 5.19*2.75*0.78 in, weights 2.33 ounces, compact but large enough to comfortably support your wrist to move at will. The lightweight and portable wrist rest for mouse suitable for all standard, ergonomic mice, and gaming mice, improving wrist and releasing pressure on your wrists, elbows, and shoulders for all-day computer mouse time. A right size mouse wrist rest for office workers, gamers, designers, writers, etc. ✔【Ideal Gift Choice & Buy Risk Free】Aesthetic appearance, timeless color, and easy to clean material, this wrist rest for computer mouse is perfect for hand wrist rest and an excellent gift option for family, friends, and colleagues. We offer a 2-year warranty for replacement or refund on this wrist rest for mouse. 收起


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