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New wood moisture meters







1 month ago

Advantages of 2.2Inch Large Backlit LCD Display】Tiacwolco moisture meters have 2.2Inch LCD display Compared with others, which makes the operation clearer and convenient for us to read more accurately. The "mode" key has word marks corresponding to 4 different modes, that makes it clear which wood you want to measure. "HOLD" button allows you freeze the reading until you press it again to unfreeze. 【Accurate and Quick Measurement】Why we need a moisture detector- First step to mold prevention. Tiacwolco moisture meter for walls could help find hidden water leaks in walls and surfaces, detect the moisture content of firewood at home. It would test the moisture level of the wood when you penetrate the pins into the surface of wood, and give an accurate measurement results (Accuracy: ±0.5%, Resolution : 0.1%). Auto power off if there is no button pressing in 5 minutes to preserve battery. 【Why Trust Tiacwolco Moisture Meter】Besides having a sturdy, easy-to-operate shape. Tiacwolco moisture tester Insert the auxiliary LED, even in the night operation, you can clearly see the object to be measured and the measurement count on the display. And we also offering a set of replaceable pin to avoid the failure of the first set of needles. 【Four Measurement Modes】Tiacwolco moisture meter designed with Hardwood, Softwood, Packaging and Building wood 4 modes could meet your any needs (Hard/Soft wood: 5-75%; Packaging material: 5-75%; building material: 1.5-30%). Our drywall moisture meter is very suitable for woodworking, construction, floor laying, cabinets, furniture, wood, building materials, all can be measured. Tiacwolco moisture meters remove the guess work, makes our work easier. 【User-friendly Moisture Indicators】To get the easiest use for your meter, Tiacwolco wood detector have specific high, medium and low moisture range values on the back. professional wood moisture meter can let us know which range the measured value is in faster. Its size: 139 x 55 x 25 mm, weight: 4.94oz, small size, lightweight, easy to carry and use. Definitely adding convenience to your work! Hi


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