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new Window Film, Provide One Way Privacy ,Save Energy Cost for Heating and Cooling 17.5" X 78.7"







1 month ago

UV Protection] – The window tint effectively block sun exposure. Block 99% of UV rays and 90% infrared reflector in the sun. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to human skin. Long-term exposure can easily cause damage to the skin and cause skin diseases. Anti-UV mirror screen is good for home and office use. · [Thermal Insulation And Energy Saving] – Window film can effectively block the sun light and heat of the sun, Reduce house indoor temperature, save air-conditioning costs, soften light and improve indoor comfort. · [Reduce Privacy Exposure] – It is not able to see through from bright side to the dark side. During the day time it is not visible from outdoors to indoor, improve security. Note, No privacy effect at night, remember to close the curtains. · [Extend the life of furniture] – Avoid direct sunlight on your furniture. Solar radiation can cause sofas and wooden furniture to damage and fade. Strongly suggest to install the window film in the sunroom. · [Easy To Install] – Simply follow 6 steps to complete the installation. No extra glue is required for installation, our window film is reusable. Tear off without leaving marks. Product Features Privacy Protection: This window film is designed for privacy protection, decoration, heat insulation and UV resistance. Safety Material: Our product is made of PET material, no odor, and friendly to your kids and pets. Reduce Glare and Sun Exposure: The one way privacy window film has multiple functions such as heat insulation, safety and explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-glare. Reduce house indoor temperature, save air-conditioning costs, protect your furniture, soften light and improve indoor comfort. Glue Free: Don’t be afraid improper installation, this window film can be torn off without leaving a mark. Easy installation: No glue is required for installation. The static window film is reusable, tear off carefully if you want to relocate the film and then follow the same steps to complete the installation. Solar/Tint Window Film One Way Privacy Anti-UV Mirror Window Film Anti-UV Mirror Window Film INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION installation instruction Solar/Tint Window Film One Way Privacy Residence, Save Energy Cost Heating Cooling Anti-UV Mirror Important Notes: Our Window Film only works for the flat and non-broken glasses. Clean the glass thoroughly before installation, the dusts may effect the best result. Spray lots of water to the window or the back of the film, it will help avoiding the bubbles. 1.Why does my window film fall off? You might forget to peel off the transparent backing film, or use the wrong window film side. Troubleshootings: 2. How to achieve the best result in Winter The Static adhesive performance may be effect when the weather is cold, please use the hair dryer to blow the film until the film soft, the heat resistance of film is under 176゚F 3.Why the window film has bubbles? Before installation, please make sure the window film is applied to the even surface. And clean all the corners, edges and surface of the window glass. Finally spray a lot of water evenly for both the window and the back of the window film.Use the Squeegee to press the film when you trim the margins.


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