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New Water Beads Pack (50000 beads) Rainbow Mix Jelly Water Growing Balls for Orbeez Spa Refill,Senso







1 month ago

New Update: Non-fade, Non-Toxic and Non-flammable material make the water pearls crystal, colorful like rainbow with 6 Colors mixing, over 50000 water beads, high elasticity and good toughness, and it is not easy to be fragile. Gun Bullets: When water gel beads absorb water and reaches0.35- 0.47 inch, the size is smaller than a marble, it cannot grow up more, and the beads would be used as a gun’s colorful rainbow bullets that would not hurt other people. Pressure-release Balls: After water absorbed, the magic jelly ball and squishy polymer beads become so elastic wet and slippery that stimulates you and challenges you to smash it. So, some customers and the beads and water into a balloon to make a new style stress balls or a massage ball. Sensory Play: Safe refill or replacement for all Orbeez products. Soothing tactile Experience for kids with color recognition, counting & fine motor skill and language development. Vase /Tank/ Weding Home Decoration: Put those water absorbing crystals polymers in a glass vase, jar, or in a white metal tray and then put it under a light, you would found a new world. What’s more, you can throw the colorful water beads into a tank to make your fish play with it, or add into a glass container with water grass or some other sea animals; you would be surprised that you create your own magic sea world. The original size of our water beads is only 2-2.5 mm in diameter, it is easy to carry and storage. The first step is to put them in enough water to cover the water beads. The water beads will gradually expand in the water. Allow your child to watch the water beads grow from a very tiny beads to a bigger size in just a couple of hours. Ideal for keeping kids busy for hours and get joy from it. After about 2-3 hours, the water beads will swell to about 7-8 mm, when it will become lighter in color, which means the suction is complete. Non-fading, Non-toxic, Non-flammable and Not easy to break. Has good flexibility and toughness.The gel beads are reusable, easy to store, and cleaned to dehydrate them for reuse.If you wrap a tissue around the water beads, it will shrink and expand again when you put it back in the water. Learn & Play Want to improve kid’s interest in learning, let them play in learning and joy in learning? The bright colors and soft touch of these water beads can help children recognize colors, sensory play, coloring, counting and fine motor skills,also are greatly encourage kid’s matching, sorting, mixing, imagination & creativity. Relax & Great sensory toys Whether the child is focused on the lightness of his hands or the feeling of beads between their fingers,the water beads will provide a sense of relaxation and lasting calm that may help soothe erratic behavior. Decorations Do you need to improve your table setting? Try using our beads to decorate your centerpiece!Crystal beads can enhance the beauty of your decorations and add color to the background. Vase filler Being too busy makes you always forget to water your plants? Add our water beads to your plants to help water your plants and maintain moisture.Or you can mash it up and use it for flower mud. Have fun with your families! By playing of water beads, children could learn how to eliminate noise and focus on the fun of playing with their peers.The soft texture of the water beads and their smooth nature provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. 收起


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