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New Uproot Cleaner Pro Pet Hair Remover Lint Remover Pet Hair Remover Reusable Lint Roller Multi







2 weeks ago

Lint Roller Combo:2 types of lint rollers for you in the package.The first is metal lint roller, which is suitable for hard materials such as carpet and high-density knitted clothing. The other is made of rubber and can be used in soft materials such as wool and low-density knitwear. Battery Free Carpet Cleaning Tool:The Lint Remover Pro pet fur remover utilizes no consumables,reusable pet hair carpet cleaner pro.It’s light and environmentally friendly. Convenient to Use:Two types of lint remover are easy to use, with a comfortable handle that lets you handle them easily and keep them handy in your bag. Wide Application:Our lint removers can clean cotton, wool coats, suits, corduroy clothing, bed sheets, furniture, sofas, curtains, blankets and car cushions and other fabric surfaces, removing almost any cat or dog hair. Good Material:The first is pure copper blade, no rust, round blade, soft does not hurt clothes, handle comfortable; The other is made of rubber, and the double row design is more convenient.


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