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New Sun Shade Sail Square Waterproof Lake Blue 10'x10'







2 months ago

95% UV blockage: Shade sail blocks 95% of harmful UV, significantly reduces the temperature and UV sunlight in a shaded area during summer time, ideal for patio, beach, swimming pool, balcony, carport, etc. Disassemble and store over the winter. Waterproof: We’re committed to providing our customers with the best quality products shade sail. Polyester fabric with waterproof coating. Slightly waterproof, hard to prevent heavy rain. Easy to install: Triangle outdoor patio shade sail install that chooses two corners higher than others. Sloping helps direct rain to the edges of the shade sail, rather than water gathered in the middle of the sail shade. Prolonged stagnant water can result in leakage; Measurement is taken from D ring to D ring Vertically. Curved Sides: Waterproof Sun Shade Sails have curved sides to enhance pull strength and prevent drooping, increase the use life. More cost-effective: Shade Sail is a rain/wind resistance expert which can provide a larger shade area than a patio umbrella, and is cheaper and more durable than a garden umbrella. See less product details


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