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New Speed Loader for 6mm Airsoft BBS Pellet, 500 Rounds Large Capacity Airsoft BB Loader with Adapte







1 month ago

Application Scope: LB2 BBS universal magazine speed loader is suitable for standard magazines, midcap magazines, and revolvers, including airsoft magazine adapter, Note: This airsoft magazine speed loader is only suitable for 6mm BBS. Fast Loading: Compared to manual loading of BB bullets, LB2 can load BBS magazine faster, and each time you press the push rod, you can load 4-5 BBSs. Spend more time training shooting skills than filling magazines. Simple/Large Capacity: Easy to use and super simple to load. Built-in O-ring in the magazine connector to prevent BBS from falling out. Translucent plastic material can accurately show the remaining BBS inside. It can hold about 500 rounds of 6mm BBS, with large capacity storage function. Bullet Backflow Phenomenon: Due to the design of the function and structure of the coiled spring magazine, the press type loader cannot enter the bb pellets compression roll spring into the overload channel. Therefore, there will be BB pellets bounce when loading with this product, which is a normal phenomenon. High Quality/After Sales: The airsoft speed reloader is made of PC high quality plastic with durable structure. The high quality steel spring can reset the plunger faster


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