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New Snorkel Mask Full Face 180° Panoramic Mask for Adults Kids with Upgraded Easy Safety (size XL)







1 month ago

Hi Tell Me How You Love Sharing Your Snorkeling? Coming with this full face snorkel mask that bring you a brand new experience which enjoy wide view 180 clear & safe ,romantic feeling with your love. What You Can See & Feel swim mask With Double Balls Snorkel Tube, Easier Breathe With Double balls inside the snorkeling tube, which make breathing much more easily & freely. Light weight, looks smart & fashionable , easy to carry Easy Breathe Breathing is very important during snorkeling. The traditional two-piece face mask has the problem of mouth-mouthing in terms of breathing. The full face mask will make your snorkeling without additional confusion Anti-Leak Water leakage will affect the enjoyable snorkeling activity. The silica gel we use is soft and skin-friendly, which fit different face shapes. As long as you choose the size that suits you. Anti-Fog We yearn for the scenery in the sea. We hope to have a very clear view underwater. 180 view 180° View Area We like snorkeling, and hope to see clearly the underwater scenery. Compared with traditional half-face masks, full-face mask can not only avoid the discomfort of the mouthpiece, but also allow you to move more freely underwater. Features & details [Clear and Wide Vision] The full face snorkel mask ensures that you can see the underwater world in the largest range. [Easy to Breathe] The unique dual airflow channel design separates the breathing channels to ensure that you can breathe smoothly while not fogging. [Comfortable Wearing Experience] High-quality silicone material, safe and soft; It can fit different face shapes while ensuring no water leakage. The weight is also lighter, reducing the weight-bearing feeling during snorkeling. [Double Ball Snorkel] During snorkeling, the snorkel can ensure timely blocking of water and breathing. [Quality Assurance ] Comes with earplugs, replacement seals


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