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New Pumpkin Snuffle Ball for Dog, Snuffle Mat Interactive Dog Toys Ball Treat Dispensing Ball Puzzl







1 month ago

🐾 REDUCE ANXIETY & DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS: the snuffle ball can hide food. Dogs find the food by snuffling or playing with the ball, improving the ability of snuffling and brain, reducing the stress of dogs. Our interactive dog toys enhance the interaction with the dog and promote a healthy relationship between the dog and you, it is the best gift for your dog. 🐾 EXCELLENT INTERACTIBITY&IMPROVE INTELLIGENCE: the dog snuffle ball is an upgrade of the snuffle mat. It has better playability and increases the difficulty of the snuffle, so dogs will prefer to play with the snuffle ball. The cute pumpkin shape is more attractive to dogs. They can learn how to roll the toy to get treats to fall out. Our dog food puzzle toy increases their eagerness for learning by pairing treats with playtime, which can replace other boring rubber dog toys. 🐾 HEALTHY SLOW FEEDING: This dog treat dispenser toy encourages slower active eating. Your furry friend needs more play and exercise to eat the treats with the food-dispensing dog toy, which will help improve digestion and reduce bloating. There are many holes of different sizes to hold different sizes of freeze-dried snacks, which allow for treats to fall out as dogs plays. 🐾 SAFE & DURABLE: Our dog treat toy is made of food-grade ABS plastic and soft rocker fleece pieces, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and durable to ensure that your dog can play and chew safely. It is also easy to use and clean, just rinse it with warm soapy water and dry it out. 🐾 EASY TO CLEAN: the snuffle ball can be machine washed and dried. This is very convenient. Suggest to wash it after each use. This pumpkin snuffle ball provides hours of bouncy playtime. This ball makes it easy to hide a treat and turn it into a game of fetch! Interact with your best friend today! Intelligent ideas that keep the pets you love happy. When it comes to hounds, it’s all about the nose. Our canine companions not only enjoy nose work, their sense of smell is actually their most important sense. It’s truly how they “see” (and make sense of) the world around them. The pumpkin snuffle ball provide mental enrichment for your dog by allowing them to snuffle, snort, and shovel their way through the fleece for kibble or treats. This fun brain game for dogs uses their natural instincts and desires to sniff and find food. To set up, part the fleece to find one of the holes in the rubber ball. Fill with treats or kibble, rustle the fleece back in place, and let your dog toss and roll the ball until food falls out! WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: 1x The pumpkin snuffle ball Dog Toy 1x Drawstring Storage Bag -The pumpkin snuffle ball is machine washable. (*Please note: Machine washing may stretch the fleece strips. Using a garment bag is recommended.) WARNING: Do you have a super chewer? This toy may not last long. We make our snuffles strong, but they will not stand up to a super chewer. Note: Always monitor your pet with any new toy to ensure their safety. Durable rubber ball inside the fleece has a 7.8” diameter - fleece adds several inches Interactive toy - perfect for mental enrichment! Keeps your dog busy and occupied Encourages stimulation of all their senses Helps to relieve separation anxiety Interactive and fun Improves your dog’s cognition Best for all dogs Keeps your dog busy and occupied


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