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New OBD + GPS Head Up Display







8 months ago

Features & details Work For: All cars, due to the GPS mode is compatible with all the car models in the market.. Feature: With transparent display board, very clear in daytime. Multi-Alarm: Speed alarm, RPM alarm, watertemperature alarm, voltage alarm, scan fault code alarm. Easy To Install: Plug and play, 3 steps to complete the installation. Note: If the car is 24V, please use USB cable, USB cable can only work for GPS mode. The OBD mode work voltage is 12V, it needs OBD cable. HUD main functions data stream Sound Switch: turn on/off the buzzer Speed Alarm: the default value is 150 (the default value can be changed,pull down is to decrease,pull up is to increase, adjust range is 5-200km/h) Coolant alarm: default value is 120°, it means this device will give alarm when Coolant temperature is over 120°(adjust range is 50-200) RPM alarm: default value is 6000 r, it means this device will give alarm when RPM over 6000 r(adjust range is 1000-8000) BAT Alarm: default value is 10.5V, it means this device will give alarm when battery voltage is lower than 10.5V(adjust range is 10.0-15.0V) Speed Adjust: adjust the speed according to the dashboard,default value is 107%(if the speed is different with the dashboard,then can adjust the value. For example, if the dashboard speed is 100Km/h, and the device speed is 105KM/h, then please adjust the value to 102) Speed Offset: When the vehicle turns off,but the device speed is not 0, then adjust the device Speed Offset value (if the device speed shows 5KM/H, then change the device Speed Offset default value at 5) BAT Adjust:if the battery voltage is different with the vehicle,it can be adjusted. (if the device voltage is 0.2V higher than the dashboard’s,please change the value to 98%) Engine Size: if the fuel consumption is much different with the dashboard,please change it as the Displacement size(for example, if the vehicle displacement is 3.6L, please change the default value to 3.6L) Fuel adjust: default value is 100%,it can be adjusted when the fuel consumption is different with the dashboard. (for example, if the device fuel consumption is 0.2L higher than the dashboard, please adjust it to 98%) Brightness: default 0(Automatic sensitivity),1-8(the brightness will be increased as the digital added) CWT Unit : default coolant temperature is °C,also can be changed to ℉ Speed unit: KM/h or MPH can be changed Sum distance: can make the total driving distance same as dashboard(if the dashboard shows the sum distance is 30000Km,the user can make the device value at 30000KM) Power off time: default power off time is 10s,for Auto start and stop cars,please make the power off time to 180-240s Sleep Voltage: default is off ,if the device can’t auto off,please adjust the voltage at 13.2V or higher and


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