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New Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6 Inch, Electric Chainsaw 21V 2000mAh Battery Operated for Garde







2 months ago

Attention: Please read the enclosed user manual before use. It is best to fully charge the battery for the first use. Remove the battery when not in use. Maximum cutting diameter: 6 inches. Make sure that the chain is tightly locked in the guide plate. It is normal for the chain to loosen after use, just adjust the tightness of the chain. The chain has a rebound. Be sure not to try to cut with the front end of the chainsaw. Please wear protective props when working, such as gloves, goggles. The mini chainsaw in the package has been installed, and only use the included screwdriver to adjust the chain tightness before cutting. Mini Chainsaw Cordless Mini Chainsaw Cordless Protective Baffle Allezard 6-inch chainsaw has a detachable safety guard baffle to prevent sawdust from splashing when cutting logs or pruning branches. And it can be opened to 120°that provide you with effective protection. Mini Chainsaw Cordless Safe Lock Button The chainsaw is equipped with a safety switch to protect against accidental starts. When not in use, the safety switch can lock the chain saw. Effectively avoid misoperation and potential risks. Mini Chainsaw Cordless Rechargeable Battery Equipped with 2000mAh lithium battery, and with self-overload and temperature protection functions, it can protect the battery and extend the battery life. Mini Chainsaw Cordless Easy to disassemble No need to use a screwdriver, just unscrew the screw by hand. It only takes one minute to complete the installation. Mini Chainsaw Cordless Widely Applications Allezard 6-inch chainsaw is very suitable for gardening pruning, shrub pruning, twig pruning, and woodcutting, it is widely used in gardens,parks,farms, pastures,orchards,and greenhouses. Perfect for family use and as a gift to family,friends,DIY enthusiasts,carpenters,and craftsmen.


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