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The ”charger style“ tiny camera has no Wi-Fi connection. Plug the camera into an AC 100V to 240V socket, and the camera will start recording sound and video at the same time. You can also use the included dual USB males to connect the power bank and camera so you can still record without an outlet. Use dual USB to connect the camera and computer to watch videos. Memory card not included. no night vision (new cards need to be formatted), 2. Hidden camera supports Micro SD card, our products support 4GB to 256GB, and similar products in the industry support up to 32GB. This camera has a loop recording function (new video will overwrite old video), and the best recording distance of the camera is 1 to 10 meters. Please watch the ad image for more information. 3. This ”spy camera“ has two recording modes: M mode: record when human activity is detected, you can quickly find important videos (in M mode, the sensing distance is about 15 meters, when someone is constantly moving, it will record 5 minutes a video. If several seconds of activity will record a few seconds of video.) L Mode: 24/7 recording. The video format is AVI, one video file every 5 minutes, and the video can be played continuously when viewed on a computer. 4. The video time watermark of ”Spy Camera“ can be modified. Please connect the camera to the computer. You can set the ”time watermark of video display“ in the ”TIMESET“ of the camera file (please keep the time format unchanged). (Y: default display time, N: no time display). When the lens is over the USB port, the video image is correct and not upside down. 5. Cameras Each camera is tested. This tiny camera has a voltage output. It is normal for the camera to generate about 40-50% heat. If you have any questions, please contact us to order. The average response time for customer service is approximately 10 hours or less. Description Q: How many video files can a 64GB memory card store? A: The camera is sold without an SD card. The usable capacity of a 64GB memory card is approximately 58GB. It can store about 70-145 video files. Reason: Motion video takes up more space than static video. Q: Under what circumstances do I need to ”restart“ the camera? How to reset the camera? A: You just need to restart the camera when it freezes. This rarely happens. First, connect the camera and computer with a data cable. Using the supplied pen tip, align the ”reset button“ with the round hole on the L/M and press it once. A: The camera has no night vision function. If there are no lights at night, the camera can only record audio and the video will be black. Q: Can the time watermark in the video ”time watermark“ be changed or removed? A: Of course it can be changed or deleted. There are detailed instructions in the manual.


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