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New Licking Mat for Dogs 1PCS, Premium Lick Pad with Suction Cups for Dog Anxiety Relief -grey Color







2 weeks ago

🐶Safe Materials to Protect Pet Health🐶] - Worve pet lick pad is made from 100% BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Food Grade silicone. This pet mat is safe for the health of your beloved friend. As a perfect dog and cat slow feeder, the lick mat can withstand from -58℉ to more than 450℉. [🐶Recommended by Vets and Trainers🐶] - It is a calming mat that helps calm and soothes your pet by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking.Our dog lick mat and cat slow feeder promote fresh breath by scraping their tongues. Licking action generates more saliva which is helpful to protect our pet’s teeth and gums. [🐶Slow Feeding and Improves Digestion🐶] - Worve licking mat is a unique form of pet slow feeder dog bowl for dog, puppy, cat and kitten. This lick mats textures which design effectively reduces the speed of a pet’s eating and prolongs mealtime, thereby cleaning the pet’s tongue and promoting healthier teeth.8.2x8.2x0.4 inches, This dog pad is an ideal size for cats and small and medium-sized dogs. [🐶Easy to Use🐶] - This feeding mat with 49 suction cups that you could stick on any smooth surface, such as bathtub, counter, glass, ceramic tile, and the wall of bathroom.The lick mat is easy to clean with dishwasher or soft brush. It can be placed or adsorbed anywhere you choose. Then, let dogs and cats enjoy their slow feeding time.


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