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New G2 GPS Head Up Display, work for all cars







2 months ago

【HUD】G2 adopts the design of flame blue atmosphere light, and can calculate the driving time and mileage; it will automatically switch on and off when the car is turned on and off; using adaptive photosensitive, the brightness changes naturally with the environment; using GPS compass, make your journey more convenient smooth. 【GPS SPEEDOMETER】Collects data from GPS satellites, suitable for all vehicles: cars, new energy vehicles, gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, fuel vehicles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc. USB (5V) can be used. 【GPS FUNCTIONS】Speed, clock, driving distance, driving time, number of satellites, compass, light sensor, speed unit, fatigue driving reminder, speeding alarm. 🚙【 Special reminder 】G2 only displays speed and time, the default time is 12 hours, the working voltage of this product is 5V, it is forbidden to use voltages higher than 5V for power supply. The speed is displayed only when satellite is found, otherwise only the time is displayed. Please note that when waiting for the traffic light, the speed of the car is zero, and only the time is displayed. GPS FAQ 1. Black screen, power failure Check if the USB cable is damaged, replace and test the USB cable, avoid using more than 5V power supply. 2. No speed The blinking satellite icon means that you are searching for satellites, move the car to a spacious road, if the satellite icon stops blinking, it means that the satellite search is successful, the speed is displayed, and you can use it normally. 3. Inaccurate speed Check if the unit is correct, km KM/mile MPH, (speed unit switching reference setting item); automakers increase the factory speed displayed on the instrument panel by 5-7%, but the international standard is based on satellite data; fine-tuning the speed such as the instrument shows 100Km /h, this station displays 105Km/h, adjust the parameter value to 102. 4. Wrong direction of travel If there is no speed, the satellite will not be able to identify the direction of travel, and it will display normally when the speed exceeds 5KM/H. 5. Display the speed even after the car is stopped Underground car parks, tunnels, under pedestrian bridges, the signal may be unstable when there are obstacles, mobile satellites heading towards the open road. 6. Turn off the buzzer Turn the wheel counterclockwise for 2 seconds to turn off the buzzer, and turn it counterclockwise for 2 seconds to turn on the buzzer.


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