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New FreeGarden Earth Compost Bin Large 11 cubic feet capacities







1 year ago

Large 11 cubic feet capacity Single Body design no assembly required Twist locking lid Strategically located ventilation to maximize the composting process FreeGarden EARTH comes complete with metal grounding pegs, Composting Guide booklet - Large 11 cu. ft. capacity. - No assembly required FreeGarden Earth compost bin ready to use. - Twist locking lid. - Single body design virtually no maintenance with proper ventilation. - Adjustable upper body vents to regulate airflow. A compost bin is specifically designed and engineered for the collection and processing of organic materials into nutrient rich compost or humus. The finished product harvested from a composter is an excellent soil amendment providing much needed enrichment for your soil. The FreeGarden™ EARTH Compost Bin has many features that make it the composting tool of choice. Compost bin is a superb amendment for lawns and gardens Gardeners save money making their own soil amendment Compost use produces healthier results Use of a compost bin supports self management of kitchen and yard residuals Composting offers the opportunity for reduced collection and disposal costs Backyard composting is an effective and economical organics diversion solution Manufactured of 100% recycled content, its single-unit main body construction means no difficult assembly, and no structural integrity issues in extreme weather conditions The animal and pest resistant lid twists for variable ventilation control, and covers a large 20.25” (51.43 cm) opening that offers easy, generous access to add material and maintain the pile Lower body vents and top twisting lid for variable airflow Capacity: 11 feet cubed Includes: 4 screw pegs, backyard composting manual DIMENSIONS: 33” H x 31” W Harvest door: offset, sliding: 12” H x 16” W


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