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Brand new still wrapped. Erickson Recovery and Tow Straps - EM59807 Nylon-reinforced, stitched ends reduce wear and let you quickly and easily attach this strap to tow hooks. Heavy-duty webbing can stretch an additional 10 percent to slingshot out stuck vehicles. 100,000 lbs/ 50Tons Max load. Features: Recovery strap helps you release stuck vehicles Nylon-reinforced loop ends are long-lasting and quick and easy to attach High-tenacity nylon overlay helps prevent wear on the pull area Heavy-duty, 2-ply webbing stretches an additional 10 percent to slingshot out stuck vehicles Specs: Strap dimensions: 8" wide x 30' long Maximum load (break strength): 100,000 lbs Maximum vehicle weight: 50,000 lbs Note: The weight of the stuck vehicle must not exceed the maximum vehicle weight rating of the strap being used. If your vehicle is stuck in off-road terrain and has lost the traction it needs to escape, this recovery strap will help pull it free. The strap is designed to stretch and recoil. This means that when it is put under tension, the strap stretches until snapping back to its resting length, "slingshotting" the vehicle out of its jam. This recovery strap has a reinforced loop at either end for securing to the tow vehicle and the recovery vehicle. Once the strap is attached, slowly move the recovery vehicle away from the stuck vehicle. This will initiate the stretch and recoil action and pull the stuck vehicle free.

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