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1 month ago

How to connect? Automatically power on when open the charging case, “BX17” will reconnect to your device automatically after the first time of pairing and use. 2.How to Solve Volume and Charging Issues? Clean the charging contacts, eartips, and mesh with an alcohol pad to remove dust or earwax that might be affecting charging or sound volume. 3.How to Solve Connection Issues(Reset your earbuds)? Place the earbuds into the charging case and ensure they are charging. Delete the pairing information on the phone. Take the earbuds out of the charging case, wait for 10 seconds until only the right earbud flashes rapidly. Now you can re-pair with your phone. 4.How to solve the functional quality problem of the product? Our company is committed to product quality and service to customers. As long as there is a product quality problem, we provide return and exchange services. Features & details The Best Choice for Commuting & Gaming: Environmental Noise Cancellation can effectively suppress 90% of reverse ambient noise, thereby reducing ambient noise up to 35dB or more, allowing gamers to communicate more freely, and also on buses and subways. Have your own quiet space. 75 Hours Long Battery Life & USB-C Fast Charging: The headset can be used for 10-15 hours (depending on your volume), and it can be used for up to 75 hours with the charging compartment, the best choice for travel, with USB-C fast charging The Bluetooth earbuds only need 2 hours to restore the power. Auto Pairing and Easy Operation: Just remove sports wireless earbuds from charging case,they will power on and pair with each other automatically.Then enable the bluetooth of your phone to search “BX17” to connect. After the first successful connection they’ll automatically connect to the last paired device. Each bluetooth earbud has one multi-functional press button which can make or receive call,play or pause,adjust volume and switch music.Easy and simple operation. Sport Design & Ergonomics: Utilize ergonomic ear hook design to create a comfortable sports earphone wearing experience and elastic ear hooks that perfectly fit your auricle. IPX7 Waterproof Technology: ANINUALE wireless earbuds have IPX7 waterproof technology, no matter if you sweat during exercise or get wet in the rain, the components inside the headset will not be damaged. See less

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