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New Cat Water Fountain, 304 Stainless Steel Water Fountain for Cats Inside, Premium Cotton Filter, V




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2 months ago

Premium Filtration System】 The cat drinker uses an advanced filter to purify hair, dirt and food particles. The circular filter consists of layers of cotton, activated carbon and resin. 【304 stainless steel material】 The material of the water dispenser is sturdy, easy to clean scale, no corrosion, no moss. The entire stainless steel drinking fountain can be put into the sterilizer for disinfection, giving the cat a hygienic and clean drinking tool. 【Silent Design】 The pet water dispenser is less than 40 decibels when working, quiet and no noise, allowing you and your pet to have a good sleep. 【Buoy and water pump built-in】 The cat fountain has built-in buoy, you can see the water level at any time. It is not necessary to open the cat fountain to check whether water is added. At the same time, we have upgraded the material of the water pump to prolong the service life of the machine. 【2 Water Flow Modes】 The cat and dog water dispenser has 2 water flow modes to meet the drinking needs of different pets. The drinker height and rounded appearance are scientifically designed to fit multiple cats and dogs. Will not stain pet chin. How often should I clean the drinking fountain? A: We recommend cleaning the water dispenser every two weeks. Q: What should I pay attention to about the pump? A: Firstly, the pump should be cleaned every 2 week; then if the water level in the tank is too low, the water pump still keeps running and prone to fail. Please add water to the water tank in time. Q. Noise Level Up ? A: Check if it`s empty or water level drop below minimum, then refill the fountain under max level. Check if there are hairs blocking the impeller of the water pump.Sometimes the impeller was totally encrusted in calcium. Please clean the pump weekly to extend the life , and more importantly, it is healthier for pets to drink water. Red Buoy Design The red buoy allows us to see the remaining water without opening the cat drinking fountain. When a small part of the buoy is left or invisible, you need to add water. It’s a convenient and practical design. 4 A Set of Filter 3-layer filtration system Protect your pet’s drinking water health What You Will Get 1 * Heroange Pet Water Fountain 1 * Water Pump 1 * Blue Waterproof Mat 1 * Power Adapter 1 * User Manual 1 * A Set of Filter

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