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New Cat Water Fountain, 3.2L/108OZ Stainless Steel Pet Water Dispenser Automatic Metal Dog Drinking







3 weeks ago

✔304 STAINLESS STEEL CAT FOUNTAIN: The cat water fountain is made of high quality stainless steel, which is healthy and hygienic, BPA free, safe and easy to clean, can withstand years of daily use, is dishwasher safe and has excellent corrosion resistance. Stainless steel material is naturally skin friendly and friendly to your cat, especially those with chin acne or other sensitive skin issues. ✔DOUBLE FILTRATION SYSTEM: The pet water dispenser is equipped with a double filtration system of activated carbon filter and replaceable round filter sponge, the external foam filter of the pump can filter impurities and capture hair, and the activated carbon filter can remove odor and soften water quality, improve taste, Provide purer and fresher water for your lovely pets. ✔ULTRA-QUIET WATER PUMP: This stylish and exclusive design look stainless steel cat fountain features an ultra-quiet (below 20dB) and 1.5W low-power pump, the sound of the pump is almost inaudible. No interruptions in doing anything at any time, and a good night’s sleep for you and your pet. ✔ENCOURAGE WATER DRINKING: using a circulatory filtration system to aerate the water 360° multi-directional flow, increasing oxygen and freshness. Prevent your pet from developing urinary and kidney disease by attracting pets to drink water. This cat water dispenser is equipped with 2 modes of tap and fountain. Free-falling streams and bubble fountains will attract curious pets to find out. ✔3.2L/108OZ LARGE CAPACITY WATER BOWL FOUNTAIN : The stainless steel pet water dispenser is specially designed for cats and small and medium-sized dogs. The capacity of the stainless steel pet water dispenser is 3.2 liters/108OZ, which can provide 14 days of drinking water for cats and 9 days for dogs, which is large enough The water storage capacity is ideal for multi-pet households without the need for daily or very frequent water refills, and no worries for pet parents who travel. Easy To Clean Made of high-quality stainless steel, without ABS, has excellent corrosion resistance, can withstand many years of daily use, can be used in the dishwasher pet fountain Removable Faucet Our Cat Fountain Has Two Modes: The free falling stream: Design for pets that like to drink fresh oxygen water on the faucet in the kitchen Bubble spring rushing mode: mild bubble dynamic mode water, suitable for timid but liquid water pets To meet the needs of different pets, it will help attract them to drink more water and reduce the possibility of pet urology and kidney system diseases cat water fountain What’s In The Packaging? 1*pet water fountain 1*water pump 1*filter element 3*carbon filter 1*water faucet 1*user manual 1*water pump cleaning brush 1*pet waterproof food mats (18.9’’×11.8’’) water fountain for cats inside Important Note: 1. For the health of your pet and to extend the life of the pump, it is recommended that the water needs to be thoroughly changed and the tank, tray, foam filter and pump cleaned once every two weeks. Stainless steel tanks and trays can be used in dishwashers 2.* If the pump noise is elevated then check to see if the water level is below the “MIN” line and refill the fountain below the maximum water level. *Check if the pump impeller is clogged with hair 3. The impeller in the pump is the most frequent item that needs to be cleaned. Because if it has calcium buildup. Because if it has calcium buildup, it will stick and can’t pump water. 4. Some pets may take a few days or more to start using it, it is recommended to leave the previous water source next to the water dispenser for a while. Your pet may need some time to become familiar with it. If your pet is used to drinking from this fountain, you can remove the previous water source. 5. Make sure the filter has been soaked in water, the water needs to flow through it, if the filter is not thoroughly soaked, it will overflow. 6. Please hide the cable to prevent your pet from chewing. 收起


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