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Details Blue ombré Pom Pom Rug, hand made. It is super fluffy and soft, plush to stand on. Your feet will love this rug! It's so comfortable. The blue rug in the picture is available now and the other carpets are custom ordered and sold but all can be ordered and made again with any size, design or colour you choose. This one of a kind soft pom pom rug will add a beautiful accent to your home. It creates depth & texture with its uneven strands adds visual appeal to a room. Our rugs can be used as a luxurious floor coverings, throws or draped on the seats. Perfect addition to any vanity, bed side, closet, hallway, nursery, bedroom, bathroom, university dorm room, you name it!! Great gift for any occasion and a treat for yourself. They are made from acrylic and are extremely soft. I used several colors to make the rug look good as well as feel amazing. The pom poms are attached to a non slip mat. *Spot Clean Only * These rugs can't be vacuumed or machine washed. Used for decoration only. Also, be mindful that these, rugs can be picked at, and the material will come loose. These can be a potential choking hazard. The pom pom rugs can be made in any size and colour. These rugs are hand crafted by me personally. Each pom pom is hand made individually so please allow 1 week for pick up or shipping. (Shipping Cost is Extra) Can drop off for a fee depending on distance. If changing order or cancelling, it must be done 24hrs after ordering before supplies are bought. Will make custom orders. Simply message me & specify size and colour choices & pick one of the designs as pictured above and I will get started! Prices vary by size. Overview * Handmade item * any colour any size any design as pictured above * in picture Length: 26 Inches * in picture Width: 19 Inches * Thick: 2 Inches * Made to order * Materials: 100% Acrylic yarn, pom pom, non slip mat,

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