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New Bicycles U Lock, Heavy Duty Bike Scooter Motorcycles Password Lock Gate Lock for Anti Theft







1 year ago

[No key required] No key is required to secure the bike, electric scooter, or gate. No more worrying about forgetting your key. RESET BUTTON: The Reset button can be operated with a simple Phillips screwdriver, but you need the correct password to press A through B to reset the password. You cannot change the password without pressing A to B. 🚴🏻[Zinc alloy / PVC processing] The 14mm hardened zinc alloy shackle withstands the attack of knives and levers. The thick PVC protective cover and zinc alloy key are rain resistant, rust resistant and durable, making it safe to use in rainy environments. 🚴🏻[Easy] Use your fist to easily set your own four-number combo. Smooth dial rotation gives confidence in quality. 🚴🏻[U-shaped lock size] 8.42 in (long) ×3in (width) ×0.55 in (thickness) U-shaped lock Weight: 0.65kg! Since it is a basic U-shaped lock, it can be used with many car models. Applicable not only to bicycles, but also to motorcycles, electric vehicles, offices, patios, etc.! U-Lock For theft prevention and security measures of important bicycles and motorcycles It is sturdy, resistant to cutting resistance, and resistant to rain, so it is resistant to corrosion and rust.A U-shaped lock made of 0.55in PVC material prevents scratches on important bicycles, reduces noise and scratches caused by rubbing against the vehicle body, and is a high-quality U-shaped lock that feels good to the touch. ince it is a dial combo type, a 4-digit PIN can be set arbitrarily. It is keyless and can be easily locked. There is no problem of lost keys. Easy to unlock and lock. pplicable: City, family, BMX, cruiser bicycle, electric car, children’s bicycle, office, entrance, door, valuables, etc. how to use Set the dial to the setting number “0000”. Move the reset button from A to B. Turn the dial to set the desired number. (Example 1010) Return the reset button to A and the process is complete. Unlock Turn the dial to the set number. Lock Insert the latch into the hole and then turn the dial as you like. Reset Password If the password is correct, you can reset the password by dialing the code switch from A to B. Since it is a dial type that can be set and reset, there is no need to carry a key. Especially recommended for those who lose their keys. Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock Bike U-Locks Bicycles U Lock Bike U-Locks Product specifications Material: aluminum alloy bicycle lock, PVC processing sleeve Item weight: Approximately 650g Protect your precious bicycle with a U-shaped lock! !!


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