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New 8Pack Acoustic bass traps corner, 12"X7"X7"Acoustic foam bass traps, Acoustic Foam, Sound proof



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1 year ago

What Does Acoustic Foam Do? 1. Acoustic bass traps corner absorb sound. 2. Acoustic bass traps corner reduces noise pollution. 3. Acoustic bass traps corner reduces echoes and reverberations. 4. Acoustic bass traps corner makes your room look aesthetically better. 5. Acoustic bass traps corner helps to make the sound quality of the room better. Acoustic foam bass traps PERFECT SOUND ENVIRONMENT: Our bass traps acoustic foam can be perfectly installed in any corner of the room.More importantly, it can successfully eliminate reverberation and other harmful sounds because the reflected sound from any hard surfaces can produce noises when recording sound in the studio. Recording Studio Foam Flame Retardant The soundproof foam made up of flame-retardant material, stop burning after the fire source fading, make your home or office safer. Bass Traps Corner High Resilience Come compressed in a vacuum package and quickly recover to normal size, most of the cases you don’t need to have water soaking or dryer heating acoustic foam panels sound proof foam panels Perfectly suited for Recording Studios, Influencer Studio, Home Theaters, Home Studios, Professional Movie Theaters, You Tubers, Video Gamer, Office, Vocal Booth, Podcast, and more place. Features & details 【HIGH QUALITY ACOUSTIC FOAM BASS TRAP】 Bass Traps is a kind of sound absorbing structure specially used to absorb specific low-frequency standing wave. Acoustic foam corner is a special acoustic processing device installed in the corner and ceiling.It is perfect-ly good for improving the low frequency response, eliminating or delaying the standing wave, Acoustic foam bass traps designed to absorb low/mid frequency sound to flatten room response and give you a warmer crystal clear sound 【VERSATILE AND FITS ANY ROOM】Bass traps corner foam is widely used in home thea-tre, recording studio, control room, podcast studio, musical instrument studio(Piano, drum, guitar room), police interrogation room, meeting room, office, equipment room, KTV, bar, dance studio, gymnasium, vocal booth, business theater, music school, etc. 【PROFESSIONAL DESIGN】Designed for acoustic foam corner mounting between walls and ceilings, can also be wall-mounted horizontally. Aimed to target the low/mid frequen-cies. Transform the interior design of your studio with world class acoustic absorption properties and sharp square edges. Home studios don’t need to sound and look muddy! 【ECO-FRIENDLY & FIREPROOF EASY TO INSTALL】Our sound absorbing foam bass traps crafted from fire-retardant and eco-Friendly material, achieving B1 class fire-retardant performance. High quality, strong sound absorption, non-toxic and safer bass traps. Our acoustic panels come with high-quality free adhesive tape which is very convenient for your installation.


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