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New 40 Sheets Temporary Tattoos for Girl and Boy Cute Fake Tattoos Stickers Waterproof Cartoon Flowe







1 month ago

Sufficient for Use 40 sheets cartoon animal stickers Provides you with more choice to dress up your kids 500+ pcs temporary tattoo stickers,total 200+ animal designs. Enough quality and amount of tattoos to meet your needs. Long Lasting These temporary tattoos can last for more than 3 to 8 days There’s are very cute and stay on a long time it depends on how often you take the shower and how many times you scrub your tattoo with soap and water. Kids are happy with tattoos Temporary Tattoos Kids Widely Applicable partie Anywhere You Want The fake animal’s tattoo can be attached to the hands, ceramic cups and plastic cups, which will make it more lovely and vivid Temporary Fake Tattoos Quick to Apply Just cut the pattern, place it on the skin, and dampen with water then remove it after 15 seconds. The kids temporary tattoos are waterproof, which can be used by children in the pool. Temporary Tattoos Kids Amazing Party Favors Suitable for all kinds of dance parties, dinners, and festivals, let you kids be that unique person The kids’ tattoos are popular with the kids of all ages, great gifts for kids, girls’ & boys ‘birthday parties, themed parties, Christmas stockings gifts or Easter festival,s etc. Very pretty and bright in the dark Temporary Tattoos Kids Waterproof Using the latest waterproof technology, which can be used by children in a series of parties such as pool that children can enjoy playing in the party. Temporary Tattoos Kids Shine In the Dark When you receive the stickers, if you leave them under a light for a few minutes, you’ll be amazed how bright they are in the dark! The child really likes that and glows in the dark. Temporary Tattoos Kids Beautiful Pattern These cute elements of our kids tattoo stickers include unicorn, dinosaur, animals, candy, diamond, ice-cream and other hit patterns that kids will like. Temporary Tattoos Kids For Boys and Girls The kid’s tattoos are popular with the kids of all ages, great gifts for kids, girls’ & boys ‘birthday parties, themed parties, Christmas stockings gifts or Easter festivals,s, etc. Vibrant Temporary Tattoos for Kids Temporary Tattoos Kids Instructions HOW TO USE 1: Clean the part of the body where the tattoo stickers are to be made to ensure that there is no water and oil 2: Tear off the transparent film on the surface, stick the patterned side to the skin, and then wet the sticker with water 3: Press and beat for about 10 seconds, until the paper slips off, remove the bottom paper 4: Paste successfully, use a paper towel to absorb excess water, and apply a little hand cream for better results How to remove: Dab tattoos with rubbing alcohol or baby oil , wait for 10 seconds, then rub gently and repeatedly with more rubbing alcohol or baby oil until removed. NOTE if they don’t shine, you have to light them for a moment because it comes with the package in the dark and they have to catch the light. Features & details Glow In The Dark: Temporary tattoos have about 420pcs in different patterns and sizes, included dinosaur, animal, princess, unicorn, and watch series, the stickers absorb light during the day and then glow brightly at night, let your kids glow in the dark! Easy To Use: Kids just need to put the tattoo stickers on their skin, wet the back of the stickers with water for 5-10 seconds, then the cute cartoon design appears on the child’s skin, the temporary tattoos can be firmly attached any body part, you can let the kids try it on their own, the kids will find it funny! Long Lasting and Easy to Remove: Kids temporary tattoos will last about 7-10 days or even longer, waterproof and sweat-proof, can be safely used in the pool party without fear of falling off, can bring endless joy to the children. If the children want to change the pattern, it can easily be removed after pressing with alcohol or baby oil. Safe Use: These tattoos are designed for children, so they have no chemical odor and are harmless to the body, each tattoo is made of standard materials, and there is no irritation to children’s skin, so you can use them without worry, they have a variety of fun design patterns, is a good way to make children happy. Party Favors: 40sheets temporary tattoos are perfect for any planned party and are versatile enough for kids to use to decorate themselves, they are bright and colorful, designed to glow in the dark and designed for parties, sleepovers and other fun occasions to keep kids entertained at parties.


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