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New 3 Catnip Balls Toy for Cats, 360°Rotatable Natural Edible Self-Adhesive Cat Nip Wall Mounted







1 year ago

Unique Catnip Toy Design】3 catnip balls that rotate 360°. Easily and securely adheres to walls or other smooth surfaces with super strong double-sided tape. Kittens do not shed while playing, chewing, or licking. ✅【Catnip is a natural plant material】The product is made of 100% natural material, which is safe and non-toxic for cats. Catnip balls keep your cat excited all day. ✅【Catnip toys are rich in features】Catnip is a favorite treat for cats to play and chew without your intervention. When cat bites the catnip ball, it can grind off the dirt on its teeth, clean the teeth, freshen the breath, and regulate the mood. Plant fiber can stimulate appetite, promote defecation, and improve the digestion and excretion of hair bulbs. ✅【Simple and practical】Closed base design, transparent cover, anti-odor, dust-proof, retain flavor, convenient to eat again. The double-sided sticker at the bottom can be placed anywhere. Tip: not suitable for rough walls. How to use the 360 ° rotating catnip ball: Tear off the sticker. Attach the catnip ball to the wall, floor, chair, etc. When the catnip ball is not in use, please close the lid. cat’s gift FQAS: Q1: How old can cats use catnip? A: More than three months. Kittens and cats in heat are not suitable for catnip. But for other cats, proper use of catnip can be beneficial. Q2: Will cats like catnip toys? A: According to statistics, more than 80% of cats will be interested in catnip. Even if cats are not very interested in catnip, eating catnip properly can help your cat to promote gastrointestinal motility and get rid of accumulated hair. Q3: How often do you use catnip balls? A: 2-3 times a week is enough. Prolonged use can make cats immune to catnip. Q4: Can catnip balls stick anywhere? A: There is super glue on the back of the catnip ball, which can be glued to the door, floor, wooden board, table legs, glass windows, walls, etc. Do not stick to wallpaper or dusty walls.


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