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new 15W Magsafe Car Mount, Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder for Car







1 week ago

Please be sure to check your mobile phone model before purchasing (see the question and answer below for details) 1. iPhone 12/iphone 12Pro/iphone 12Pro Max/iphone 12 Mini/iphone 13/iphone 13 Pro/iphone 13 Pro Max/iphone 13 Mini can be used (all tested); 2. All other phone models (including Android phones) can be used with a magnet phone case, or you can use it with a metal ring attached to it (but we don’t recommend it, because the metal ring is difficult to position accurately, which will reduce the charging efficiency); ✔[Replace new products within 48 months] The company’s goal of satisfaction No.1 is that if there is any problem with the product, it can be replaced with a new product or refunded within 48 months (other sellers can’t do it). ✔[Beware of inferior products] Many products are similar in appearance (you can’t see the quality in the picture), but the materials used are very different. Our products are composed of aluminum alloy + ABS + high-quality PC + silicone + acrylic, which not only retains the hardness of PC, but also takes into account the durability of ABS. We are particular about materials, and this high-quality material is often used in aircraft, automobiles, electronic equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment, and more. Be wary of poor quality products. wireless car charger ✔2022 New Version Update: 1.[The strongest magnetic force], 40 N52 strong magnets form an array ring, 1.38KG suction force, easy to deal with various rough road conditions, can maintain magnetic force from -40° to 100°, unique in the market; 2. [Aluminum alloy material], using space aluminum material, high-end aluminum alloy ring, improve product texture, prolong product life, and pass 5000 drop tests; 3. [Revolutionary Triangle Support Clip], can be used in round, vertical, parallel car air outlet, matching 99.99 car model. The retractable hook can offset the pulling force when the mobile phone is removed, and the three-point support can provide better support. It has passed the test of 113 car models; 4. [Soft silicone], the product contact surface is a large area of ​​soft silicone material, which greatly reduces the impact of putting down the phone, protects the phone, and at the same time, will not scratch the phone. The silicone material also helps to improve the friction force, magnetic force + friction force, which greatly improves the stability of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone will not fall. 5. [Aesthetic design], hire a famous German design team, the classic big circle sets the small circle, the upper and lower concave and convex form a layered beauty, the middle circle of blue light is the finishing touch, the visual focus, the overall product is small and exquisite (6.5CM*6.5CM* 1.2CM), does not block the operation of the car, and does not affect the integrity of the car interior. 6. [15W fast charging], continuous testing, continuous optimization, and finally determine the best wireless charging solution at present, which not only maintains efficient charging efficiency, but also reduces heat generation, not only fast charging, but also protecting mobile phone batteries. ✔In order to improve the yield rate, we strictly require that each product must be aged for more than 24 hours before leaving the factory. ✔If there is any product problem, it can be replaced or refunded within 48 months. wireless car charger 1.38KG strong suction Built-in 40 N52 high temperature resistant strong magnets, the maximum suction force reaches 1.38KG, which can not be thrown off. It can withstand a temperature of 100 degrees without demagnetization and will not fall off at high temperatures wireless car charger 15W fast charging wireless charging & does not affect 5G signal The magnet is aligned, which can be aligned with the coil of the mobile phone, reducing the heat generation of the mobile phone by 50% and improving the charging efficiency by 30%. 40 magnets are arranged in a circular array, which does not affect the signal of the mobile phone. wireless car charger 5mm thick soft non-slip silicone Silicone can effectively improve the friction, increase the anti-slip effect, and the mobile phone will not slip off safely. Silicone can effectively buffer impact and prevent scratches to protect your phone. wireless car charger Universal 99.99% bracket accessories It adopts the same diameter as 99.99% of the accessories on the market, with a diameter of 17mm. The accessories can be directly replaced to extend the service life of the product. It can also be used with other suction cup accessories. wireless car charger ✔Triangle clip, improve stability (triangle principle), increase compatibility (for 99.99 cars) Using the triangle principle design, the 3-point support is the most stable, and the removal of the mobile phone will generate tension, so the hook method is used to improve the stability of the magnetic bracket. ✔The bracket installation is divided into three steps: 1. Rotate the adjustment button to extend the hook; 2. Find the 3 support points of the suitable bracket, rotate the adjustment button, and tighten the hook; 3. If it is unstable, change the position until the 3-point support is found (you can check the manual or installation video); 4. If it is not suitable, you can change the appropriate clip (different clip) at any time. ✔The package contains: 1 x Magsafe Car Charger Mount; 1 x Triangular Vent Clip; 1 x Type-C to USB charging cable (1M); 1 x User Manual 1 x metal ring as a gift; 1 x Metal Ring Installation Instructions


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