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Mercedes Benz c240 2002







4 months ago

I think the transmission is being a little stupid right now .I think it’s missing some oils and filter .but it’s not messed up .I mean you can drive it’s just going to stay and first gear .I could seen you a video but this thing won’t let you 😂.the air works it’s just it’s the same thing I think it’s missing filters or something.the low beams don’t work .but they just cost 40$ on eBay .the high beams work thou .it does leak but only sometimes not always .the radio works .in the trunk has connections to subwoofers if you like that.has winter tires all around .put new battery and had to put some bolts on the pulley .leather seats sunroof.heat seats .this things go for 4,000$ at the dealership.I could see you pictures but this app 😂.all you got to do have someone check won’t be expensive I promise .the cover from the back seat I have it don’t’s turns on everything it just the fastest you can go is like 40 and you be hitting high rpm .it’s drivable just not to hit the red or the whole car would mess up not drive .1000$ is the lowest .

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